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Medical Alarm Monitoring

Rapid response at the touch of a button

Our clients have their own reasons for needing our services, from ongoing medical conditions to temporary support during rehabilitation. they all enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being able to call for help whenever they it.

It's not just for singles living alone. Couples often take advantage of our special rates because there are still times when one may need help when the other is not around.

We arrange in advance who you want us to call if you need help. If you need us to call an ambulance we can let a relative or a friend know that we have sent help for you and we take care of the cost of the ambulance. You need never worry about the cost of an ambulance when you press your medical alarm button.

At a glance:

  • Free ambulance
  • Here and ready every day and night of the year
  • A friendly, trained, professional team ready to respond
  • Work & Income approved supplier of monitored medical alarm systems
  • Range of packages to suit different circumstances and budgets
  • You may be eligible for Government funding towards the cost of your monitored alarm


VitalCall Medical Alarms, rapid response at the touch of a button, making your world a safer place

For more information call 0800 20 30 40, then option 3.