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Smoke Alarms - Domestic Battery Powered

Quell Ion Smoke Alarm Q910 c/w Hush Lithium

This smoke alarm has an Ionisation Sensor.


Ionisation Smoke Alarms are suitable for detecting fast, flaming and other fires which produce small particles of smoke, such as those produced by burning paper, wood, or flammable liquids.

It is recommended that Ionisation Smoke Alarms are installed in each living area.

Chubb strongly recommends that both Ionisation and Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are installed to help ensure maximum detection of the various types of fires that can occur within your home.


  • Sealed 10 Year Long Life Lithium Battery                                                 
    (Never have to change the battery for the lifetime of the unit)

    10 Year warranty on alarm unit
    Battery operated - no wiring required
    Low battery warning alert (Indicates alarm is in need of replacement)
    Hush button
    Test button and LED
    Certified to Australian Standards AS 3786
    Complies with New Zealand Building Code - April 2003
$29.99 Incl GST

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