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Quell 1Kg BE Kitchen and Garage Fire Extinguisher

You should have a fire extinguisher to cover each fire hazard area within your home. Typically fire hazard areas include the kitchen, laundry, barbeque, garage, car, caravan and boat. Classes of fires: A - Fires that involve wood, cloth, paper, plastics, rubber and textiles. B - Fires that involve flammable and combustible liquids i.e. petrol, oil, grease and paints. E - Fires that involve electrical energised equipment This extinguisher can only be used on class B and E fires. Not suited for class A fires. The best use for a BE extinguisher is in the kitchen and garage.

Features: Fire rating 1A:10B:E 1Kg Dry Powder High strength fully body mounting bracket with quick release locking strap Quality brass valve and metal handle Easy to read pressure indicator for checking working order Complies with Australian Standard AS 1841

$34.99 Incl GST